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  • Hillary fails with Donald in trail’s gotcha moment: Read my lips

    Bloomberg - 11/13/2015

    “They’re all playing a similar game,” Nicholas Beauchamp said on the phone the other day. He’s an assistant professor in the political science department at Northeastern University in Boston. “The question is where do they have their settings, inasmuch as all of them are thinking about their public persona. And as we all know when we’re doing public speaking, two-thirds of your IQ goes into your public persona, leaving only one-third to do the actual thinking.”

    Well, not all of us know that, but OK.

    “That’s something you certainly experience when you’re teaching,” Beauchamp said. “When you’re in front of the board, your IQ is slightly diminished because your brain is dedicated to your appearance.”

    Presumably the man in the Clinton episode was a supporter of hers, and likewise with the man at the Trump rally. But what if they weren’t?

    Given the ACORN videos and the Planned Parenthood videos and other forms of guerilla politics, what’s the likelihood that eventually (if not already) someone in some campaign will figure out that moments like these are a way to expose a rival?

    It’s simple: Plant someone in the audience who will ask or say something outrageous and see how the candidate responds.

    Beauchamp (he pronounces it like Beecham) says he could see it happening, given how little direct interaction there is between candidates, especially in what are passing for debates these days. Why not take the fight directly to them?

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