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  • Finding a summer camp that fits your child’s needs

    Boston Globe - 02/25/2015

    The best way to evaluate whether a camp can handle your concerns is to talk to the director and provide specifics on the evaluation form — the series of detailed questions that probes camper likes and dislikes, as well as personality traits and social skills. “Nobody is saying that every camp has to be set up to serve every need,” says Karin Lifter, a professor in the department of counseling and applied educational psychology at Northeastern University. “But it does mean parents have to figure out which kind of camp they are interested in and whether that camp can meet their needs.”

    The more detail provided, the better the camp is able to use that information to set up a successful summer for the child, directors say. While schools have firm guidelines and policies established by the state to deal with these issues, camps are not regulated in the same way, so they are dependent on parents to divulge the information they need. But more than ever, parents seem to be willing to do so.

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