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  • Ending Violence Against Women Requires a Bigger Role From Men

    Huffington Post - 05/28/2013

    We are seeing more initiatives focused on facilitating conversation between men and boys on the topic of sexual violence and attitudes — a subject on which men have not been effectively engaged in the past. Jackson Katz, who co-founded Mentors in Violence Prevention at Northeastern University, promotes a grassroots approach to ending gender violence that encourages male leadership and ownership. Organizations like A Call to Men, led by Ted Bunch and his team, work with young men to challenge common notions of ‘manhood.’ A similar initiative from Futures Without Violence, Coaching Boys into Men, trains adult mentors to teach boys respectful attitudes towards girls in youth athletics. Similar opportunities should be expanded at schools, places of worship, and on athletic teams to sensitize boys and young men to gender issues with opportunities for discussion.


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