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  • Eight career skills you need to be competitive in 2016

    Fast Company - 01/13/2016

    CEOs name cultural competence as one of the most critical leadership skills, according to a recent DDI survey, but managers rank working with people from different cultures as their weakest skill, says Paula Caligiuri, professor of international business and strategy at Northeastern University.

    “The disconnect poses an opportunity for those who can demonstrate cultural agility in 2016,” she says, adding that the skill includes tolerance of ambiguity, perspective taking, resilience, and humility.

    “Culturally agile professionals are not necessarily those with the greatest number of frequent flyer miles or passport stamps,” she says. “Developing cultural agility is more of an active process requiring social learning in a novel context with opportunities to practice new culturally appropriate behaviors, make some mistakes, receive feedback, and question one’s own assumptions.”

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