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  • Dzhokhar Tsarnaev could be tried for murder after he’s sentenced to death

    Huffington Post - 03/19/2015

    Tsarnaev was indicted on June 27, 2013, for killing Collier, but the state case was put on hold as the federal trial moved ahead. A guilty verdict in state court would carry a life sentence.

    But if the federal jury convicts Tsarnaev, the state trial would have little more than symbolic consequence, a legal expert told HuffPost.

    “On the one hand, the state has an interest in prosecuting a serious violation of state law. What is more, Officer Collier’s family may have views on that,” said Northeastern University law professor Daniel Medwed. “On the other hand, if Tsarnaev is convicted in federal court and sentenced to death or even to life imprisonment, then there is a question about the benefits of a state prosecution.”

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