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  • Donald Trump’s media domination and what it could mean for future candidates

    Columbia Journalism Review - 02/15/2016

    Trump-style media managing is a unique model for pursuing the highest office, and best of all it’s cheap. It also holds the potential to open a new chapter in the decades-long story of politicians leveraging celebrity to captivate the media. The question now: Can it be duplicated?

    “I do think that Trump’s success in this arena, and with these unorthodox tactics, will inspire other candidates in the future who may be coming from non-political backgrounds,” says Alan Schroeder, a Northeastern University professor who’s authored books on presidential debates and celebrity in politics. “If he can play the media so effectively, I can too … He may be one of a kind. But as Reagan opened the door for candidates with non-traditional political profiles, Trump may also be opening the door for something we can’t foresee yet.”

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