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  • Donald Trump’s climate sceptics are coming to drill, baby, drill

    New Scientist - 11/15/2016

    For planet Earth, these are worrying times. Not least because Myron Ebell, a notorious global warming sceptic, is now leading the effort to flesh out President-elect Donald Trump’s talk of dismantling US climate change regulation.

    Trump and Congressional Republicans campaigned on a pledge to undo all of Barack Obama’s major climate change-related actions, including rescinding the “job destroying” Environmental Protection Agency rules limiting emissions from coal plants. They have even called for the agency to be abolished. Ebell is overseeing plans for its fate.

    Between now and 20 January, when Obama steps aside, Trump, Ebell and the rest of his transition team will also name senior leaders of the federal government’s major scientific agencies including NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. These political appointees are likely to work with Republicans in Congress to follow through on Trump’s pledge to eliminate more than $50 billion in “wasteful climate change spending”.

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