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  • Deep dive: Go under the sea with Fabien Cousteau

    Time - 07/08/2014

    It’s day 15 of Mission 31, and the ocean explorer and environmentalist, who was kind enough to let me visit, seems very much in his element. Today he’s monitoring the vital signs of coral that’s been exposed to things like fer­tilizer runoff. “What we found was pretty surprising in terms of why reefs in close proximity to humans are degrading,” says Cousteau.

    That’s a big reason he launched this mission. From June 1 to July 2, Cousteau and a revolving team of more than 30 oceanographers, filmmakers and activists—including scientists from MIT, Florida International University and Northeastern ­University—lived aboard Aquarius, conducting research and filming a documentary about Mission 31 in this marine protected area nine nautical miles off the coast of the Florida Keys.


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