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  • Courtroom sketch artist is Deflategate’s latest victim, but Tom Brady is the least of the profession’s problems

    International Business Times - 08/16/2015

    “He looked angry and bitter and unattractive and that’s not the image of Tom Brady that many people think of when they think of him,” Daniel Medwed, a devoted New England Patriots fan and professor of criminal law at Northeastern University in Boston, says.

    After fielding criticism, Rosenberg apologized to Brady for not making him appear “as good-looking as he is” in her sketch.

    Cornell was also at Brady’s appeal on behalf of the NFL and NBC. She says, to Rosenberg’s credit, Brady did appear rather sullen. “I saw him frown, I never saw him smile,” she says. “This was not a relaxing, enjoyable experience for him.”

    Medwed doesn’t fault Rosenberg for her portrayal of Brady despite the lawyer’s Boston roots.

    “Courtroom sketches seem to be more thematic as opposed to crystal clear representation of the face,” he says. “I think part of the art of it is trying to evoke feelings and expressions that might carry more weight than being 100 percent wedded to the visual image.”

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