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  • Could scientists create a way to eliminate the flu?

    Fox 25 - 02/03/2015

    With literally millions of lives at stake FOX 25’s Crystal Haynes asked cutting edge vaccine researchers here Northeastern University how developers could have got this year’s vaccine so wrong.

    “What they do is they look at what strains of influenza were around last year to develop the vaccine for this year,” said head of the chemical engineering department Dr. Thomas Webster.

    Basically, vaccine developers guess, taking a risk with your health.

    This year, the strain they used for the vaccine mutated.

    “We really, in my opinion, need to rethink our whole way of treating the flu or other viruses,” Webster said.

    And that’s with nanotechnology.

    “What we can do in the body is if we were to use this as a vaccine, we could direct, not with really this, but with something more powerful, where these particles go in the body.””

    These tiny soldiers attack the flu virus where it lives on a cellular level.

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