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  • Boston will pick mayor of region

    The Boston Globe - 08/30/2013

    We also need to harness our collective resources so that we can better compete on the world stage. According to the World Class Cities Partnership at Northeastern University, Boston loses more college students to New York, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and other cities than it retains. If we compete against each other in the innovation sector, we risk getting stuck in a race to the bottom instead of retaining the talent that we have developed.

    We also need a Boston mayor who will oversee a collaborative vision for housing and transportation. Many people in surrounding cities commute to work in Boston each day, and vice versa. We are connected by trains, buses, and bridges but have chronically underinvested in the infrastructure that knits us together. Barry Bluestone of Northeastern University predicted that Greater Boston may need to double or triple its housing production to meet demand through 2020; without regional collaboration, it will be difficult to meet the challenge in a coordinated, thoughtful, and equitable way.


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