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  • Boston is on track to become the most walkable city in America

    Boston Globe - 03/19/2015

    It’s been a season of bad transportation news for Boston, but last week a new report delivered this superlative: Boston is on its way to becoming the most walkable metropolitan area in the country.

    The report was written by Christopher Leinberger at George Washington University in collaboration withresearchers at the Dukakis Center at Northeastern University. It identified 57 “walkable urban places,” or “WalkUPs,” in and around Boston. These range from neighborhoods in the heart of the city, such as Back Bay and the West End, to Assembly Row in nearby Somerville to as far away as downtown Fall River. These places are all easy to navigate on foot and contribute significantly to the region’s economy. Most importantly, though, they make the Boston area attractive to the kinds of highly skilled workers every American city is trying to attract.

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