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  • Beyond Boston Blog series – It’s back!

    BostInno - 01/25/2016

    Northeastern University is world-renowned for its co-op program, where students spend six months working in a full-time, entry-level position within their field of study.  Co-op is one of Northeastern’s four tenets of experiential learning (others include service learning, research, and global studies) and is a way for students to dive into their academic interests in a real-life, professional setting.

    This experience is a way for students to figure out what the heck they want to do (or not do!) with their lives and is a great asset in the business world with amazing networking opportunities and resume enhancements.  Not only that, but Northeastern places over 10,000 students world-wide each year– yes, students co-op not only in the nearby Boston area, but they are also able to co-op in new cities, states, and countries.

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