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  • Better to pre-habilitate children than rehabilitate killers

    Los Angeles Times - 04/10/2015

    Criminologists have long known and indeed cared about the black homicide problem, a concern shared and skillfully illuminated by Jill Leovy in “Ghettoside” within the context of homicide in South Los Angeles. Over half the murders in this country are committed by blacks, a rate nearly eight times higher than that among whites, when compared with their respective population shares. Even worse, black males aged 14-24 commit over one-quarter of the nation’s homicides yet constitute only slightly more than 1% of the U.S. population.

    The fact that the overwhelming majority (over 80%) of people killed by black assailants are also black and that a majority of homicide victims have prior criminal records allows countless Americans to distance themselves psychologically and politically from the problem. Of course, when murders do occasionally cross racial lines and claim the lives of white victims, the screams of outrage can be deafening.

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