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  • App could help stop epidemics

    Boston Herald - 03/13/2016

    Developing countries could stave off the spread of future deadly 
epidemics with the help of an 
Android app in the making — the brainchild of a Northeastern 
University student fighting outbreaks with the next generation of disease management.

    “In these countries, they’re not completely familiar with technology, but one thing they do have is cellphones,” said Murphy Wonsick, a first-year engineering doctoral student at Northeastern. “I would love to see it actually implemented. It would be really cool to just do something that would ultimately help people.”

    Wonsick said she was inspired to create the app after the Ebola outbreak devastated West Africa, killing more than 10,000 people, and made its way to the United States.

    The tool, she said, would vastly improve a tracking system that led to lost or misplaced vials of blood, leaving authorities unable to isolate everyone who had been infected.


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