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  • Amazon, PayPal and Spotify inadvertently fund white supremacists. Here’s how.

    The Washington Post - 03/17/2015

    Meanwhile, many experts point out that — even if funding for racist publishers, blogs and bands dries up — those publishers, blogs and bands are unlikely to stop their work. Jack Levin, a criminologist at Northeastern University, points out that white supremacists and other fringe political groups haven’t been dissuaded even by lawsuits that cost them millions of dollars, simply because they’re not motivated by money.

    “Hate groups have existed on- and offline with a minimum of funding,” he said. “PayPal might be a major method for sending ‘tips’ to Counter Current authors, but hate on the Internet can survive in its absence. … They write to inform the public or to persuade the public to their way of thinking. Money is pretty much irrelevant.”

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