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  • A Northeastern alum designed activewear with a built-in resistance workout

    BostInno - 10/29/2015

    “When I got to high school, I started training and I finally began to get better and stronger,” he continued. “I ended up with a college scholarship for track and field at Northeastern, and I was a two-time All-American there.”

    After spending so much time in the training trenches, Anderson became fascinated with finding ways to work out more effectively and efficiently.

    “I learned that I loved training,” Anderson told me. “There are so many different aspects to it, but one of the biggest focuses for me has always been putting in a lot effort and not always having it translate into making you better.”

    “So I began to wonder how I could make this process more efficient,” he added. “We only have so many hours in the day to workout, so how can I make the most out of them?”

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