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  • A mobile farmers’ market revs up

    The Phoenix - 01/29/2013

    The USDA defines a “food desert” as any location without a grocery store within a one-mile radius. When Josh Trautwein goes to work at the MGH Charlestown HealthCare Center, he sees the effects of Boston’s food deserts firsthand.

    “People are resigned to shopping at corner stores, which are usually more expensive and have a narrower selection,” Trautwein says. “We’re talking about a basic necessity for families that’s been stripped from a lot of communities, in our city and throughout the country.”

    Trautwein and his business partner, Daniel Clarke, are seeking to serve these populations — and put a new spin on the food-truck trend — with the Fresh Truck, a mobile produce market in a revamped school bus. The two recent Northeastern grads hope to use it to bring fresh fruits and vegetables to neighborhoods where they’re most needed, like Roxbury, Charlestown, and Mattapan.


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