Dear Northeastern Community,   

We have carefully monitored key metrics of the COVID-19 pandemic since its onset, aligning our campus protocols with the latest public health guidelines and scientific data. In light of encouraging trends and forecasts, Northeastern will discontinue PCR COVID-19 testing on all its campuses, effective May 6, 2022.

COVID-19 testing is now widely available in the United States, Canada and the UK, via at-home tests and programs offered at retail pharmacies and health centers. On our Boston campus, University Health and Counseling Services (UHCS) will make home-use rapid antigen tests available for faculty, students and staff upon request and free of charge after PCR testing ceases.

Immunization is considered the first line of prevention against serious illness from COVID-19. Our vaccination and booster requirement remains critical to protecting our campus community. In vaccinated individuals, cases are typically mild and treatable at home. New treatment therapies have also proven effective in minimizing illness and reducing symptoms. As always, we are prepared to adapt our approach as needed, keeping the health and wellness of our community foremost in our decision making.

If you have questions, please refer to comprehensive online resources here or submit questions to Thank you to our students, faculty and staff for working together to maintain a safe and healthy campus community.

David Madigan  
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs  

Ken Henderson  
Chancellor and Senior Vice President for Learning