*Published March. 2, 2020*

To All Faculty, Staff and Students,

Following the latest developments in the global spread of COVID-19 and the related public health guidelines, Northeastern University is strengthening its policy on students, faculty and staff returning to campus after traveling abroad. Please read the following carefully:

If you are returning from the countries identified by the CDC as “Level 3” (currently China, South Korea, Italy and Iran) the university is requiring that you do not return to any of Northeastern University’s campuses for 14 days after you return to the U.S. even if you are symptom-free. We request that you self-quarantine for 14 days after the day you return to the U.S. and monitor your health(Please note that countries listed as Level 3 may change. We recommend that you check the CDC website every day for the latest.)

We request that you study or work from home during the 14 days as your health permits. The university has technology and online capabilities to ensure that classes and work can progress remotely. (Self-quarantine means: remain at your residence; do not attend class, work or group gatherings; do not invite people over.)

Students who are returning from Level 3 countries should notify their faculty members of their inability to return to class. Faculty should notify their deans or department chairs of the same, and staff members should speak with their supervisors. 

Regardless of where you are traveling to, or returning from, if you have not filled out the university’s Travel Registry and self-report health form, please do so.

If you develop symptoms at any point, regardless of whether or not you have traveled recently, we request that students contact their primary care clinicians, and faculty and staff contact their appropriate healthcare providers. We also ask that you self-quarantine as soon as possible.

Students with questions on where and how to self-quarantine should contact WeCare at 617-373-7591 (between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm EST) or at wecare@northeastern.edu (this email address is monitored 24/7)

This continues to be a fluid situation, and university guidelines may continue to evolve. We will provide further updates to our community. All of this information can be found at news-northeastern-edu.go-vip.net/coronavirus.