Northeastern students have something to say about Huskies’ chances to win Beanpot 

Students cheering in the fan section at the Beanpot
Photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University

Days ahead of the puck drop for the 70th annual Beanpot men’s hockey tournament for bragging rights in Boston, Northeastern students say they are ready to bring the rambunctious Husky DogHouse to the TD Garden. 

The crosstown hockey rivalry begins Monday night when Northeastern takes on Boston University at 8 p.m. after Harvard plays Boston College at 5.

Northeastern has won three of the last four Beanpots. Husky fans say they’re ready for a rematch with Boston University, which defeated Northeastern in the final last year. 

Sabira Khalili of Northeastern Global News interviewed students about their thoughts on Northeastern’s men’s hockey team and the Beanpot:

Evan Reynolds, 19

An undergraduate student from Rhode Island majoring in political science, Reynolds expects a strong showing from the Huskies. 

“I believe Northeastern is going to win. We’re going to come back and show them how it’s done,” he told Northeastern Global News. “Last year, I kind of felt a little disappointed mostly because I believed that the Northeastern team was really, really good.”

Colin Linehan, 19

A second-year student from Boston majoring in computer science and economics, Linehan is a big hockey fan. He attends a lot of games at Matthews Arena, but the Beanpot is special.

“TD Garden is the best hockey arena,” he says. “It’s a great time and everyone’s always having a blast. And the crowd from Northeastern always has the best presentation at the arena which is always good.”

Linehan believes junior goalie Devon Levi is the key to the Huskies’ championship chances.

“Obviously Northeastern has the best goalie in college,” he says, “But we also have some of the best forwards. That’s really all you need when it comes down to it. And the other schools are great schools but they’re not Northeastern.”

Krystal Amie, 18

An undergraduate student from Maryland majoring in health sciences, Amie says the rivalries with the other Boston schools makes the Beanpot fun.

For Amie, the tournament is also a sibling rivalry.

“My sister goes to Boston University,” she says. “I’m really excited to watch Monday’s game. 

Amie says comparing the four schools usually extends beyond who’s better on the ice.

“There’s always some type of competition like saying who has the best school or which one’s better or which campus looks prettier,” she says.

Ruby Homes, 19

An undergraduate student from Boston majoring in business administration and psychology, Homes says the Beanpot is a fun experience and Northeastern has a talented team.

“I attended the Beanpot last year,” she says. “We sat really close to our friends and it was super fun, except we lost. I hope our Husky team wins this year.”

Landon Wade, 21

Wade is a fourth-year student from Atlanta majoring in civil engineering.

“I know that we’re really good at hockey and our players work really hard,” he says, “From the top of my heart, I really hope we win this one. We lost last year to Boston University and I really don’t feel good about Boston University at all.”

Peyton Trento, 19

A first-year student from New Hampshire majoring in behavioral neuroscience, Trento says winning the Beanpot will be a challenge but Northeastern has a strong team. 

“I love the Huskies,” she says. “These are competitive games between all the top schools in the city, but our team deserves to win.”

Andrew Windsor, 18

A first-year student from Texas majoring in biochemistry, Windsor says the hockey team has a lot of support. 

“It’s been good to go to the Northeastern games,” he says. “I believe we’re a very good team. Our goalie is really good and the players work well together. We definitely can pull it out!”

Eli Levy, 19

A first-year undergraduate student from California majoring in criminology, Levy says Northeastern’s recent five-game win streak gives him reason to believe in another title.

“I’m a little more confident,” he says. “I feel like the team here has a really nice camaraderie and school spirit.”

Matt Palmer 18

A first-year student from New Hampshire majoring in biochemistry, Palmer says he will be cheering for the Huskies.

“I love hockey and I have played hockey for like eight years,” he says. “I know BU is also a pretty good team, but I hope our team wins. Go Huskies!”