Northeastern will move to online teaching for students at London, Vancouver, and Charlotte campuses

NCH at Northeastern in London. Photo by Suzanne Plunkett for Northeastern University

In accordance with the guidance of public health authorities in the United Kingdom, Canada, and North Carolina, Northeastern University will be moving to online and remote teaching for students at its campuses in London, Vancouver, and Charlotte. 

The move to online course delivery at both campuses will begin Monday, March 16. Further decisions will be made according to public health agency guidelines.


The 220 students enrolled at NCH at Northeastern will move to online learning.

“Our key objectives during this period continue to be to safeguard the health and well-being of our students, staff, and the broader community while continuing to deliver our educational experience and other services to our students,” said Rob Farquharson, chief executive officer of NCH at Northeastern.

The college’s visa compliance officer will contact students who are studying in the U.K. on a Tier-4 visa to provide them with guidance.

Northeastern’s 80 staff and faculty members in London will be given the option to work from home or the college.  

While the college will remain open to staff and students for now, all teaching, including lectures, seminars, and tutorials, will be delivered via Zoom. 

You can also find the latest updates specific to NCH at Northeastern on the college’s website.


Northeastern’s campus in Vancouver remains open for use by students and faculty, but all on-campus courses will move to online learning. 

The wellbeing of you, our students, faculty, and staff, remains the critical priority as we work towards business and educational continuity,” Steve Eccles, chief executive officer and regional dean, wrote in a message sent on Sunday. 

The university is also encouraging faculty and staff to work from home, wherever possible, and for those in high-risk groups to avoid gathering in large groups.


Courses—including laboratories—will move online for students enrolled at the university’s Charlotte campus

Northeastern’s Charlotte campus. Photo by Joel Lassiter for Northeastern University

Clinicals for the approximately 100 students in the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program will remain scheduled as usual until further notice. Faculty will be in touch directly with students whose schedules may be affected. Faculty will also communicate directly about online exams. 

“We strive to provide a safe learning environment for our students, faculty, and staff. Delivering education without interruption is our focus,” said Cheryl Richards, chief executive officer and dean of the Charlotte campus. “However, this week, state and local officials elevated the need for our community to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, and we are committed to follow that guidance. As always, we remain vigilant in doing what is necessary to keep our campus safe.”

“Fortunately, with the availability of online resources and technology readiness, we are confident that this will be a smooth transition for our campus community,” Richards said. 

Northeastern acquired New College of the Humanities, a college in central London founded in 2011 by philosopher Anthony Grayling, in February of last year, and opened the campus in Vancouver in August. The university launched its campus in Charlotte in 2011. 

They are part of Northeastern’s global university system, which also includes campuses in Seattle, Toronto, the Bay Area, and Massachusetts campuses in Boston, Nahant, and Burlington. 

Northeastern urges students to contact their primary care clinicians If symptoms of COVID-19 develop at any point, regardless of recent travel destinations, and faculty and staff to contact their appropriate healthcare providers. (Medical resources available near each of Northeastern’s campuses can be found here.) Anyone who shows symptoms should self-isolate as soon as possible.

Northeastern University updates to faculty, staff, and students will be issued via email and posted on the dedicated COVID-19 website

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