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Fight off attackers, frustrate thieves, get home safely

Your body and your belongings are worth protecting. This week, NUPD will share five tips to help safeguard every part of your life.

Day 1: Self Defense

How to fight off an assailant

If you feel unsafe at night, you can enroll in self-defense classes taught by NUPD officers who are trained to teach you how to fight off an assailant. NUPD offers two different courses—one for men and women and one for women only.

Day 2: Unattended items

How to safeguard your stuff

Stay with your belongings, said officer Anika Crutchfield. In only a few seconds, your backpack, laptop, or phone could be stolen.

Day 3: Safety Shuttle

How to get home safely

Day or night, by foot or by car, NUPD officers will safely escort you around campus. To travel safely, consider using NUPD’s Personal Safety Escort or REDEYE services, said Sgt. Tim Love.

Day 4: Bike theft

How to thwart bike thieves

Use a U-lock and a cable lock to secure your bike, said Sgt. Tim Love. With only one, a bike is an easy target for a thief who wants to nab your wheels.

Day 5: Scams

How to avoid scams

If you’ve been a victim of a financial scam, contact NUPD immediately. “We’ll take care of you,” said officer Mike Monaco.

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