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Northeastern to launch drone food delivery for students

Husky Bone Drone will deliver food to you anywhere, any time. Photo via iStock.

Northeastern has partnered with a Silicon Valley tech firm to offer a drone food delivery service, called Husky Bone Drone, to its students, starting this fall. While some online retailers have also moved toward using drones to deliver goods, Northeastern will be the first university in the world to offer a similar service to its students, free of charge.

“At Northeastern, we’re all about innovation,” said Rose Fitzgerald, vice president for student innovation services, “and drones are at the cutting edge of technology innovation.”

A fleet of the small aircraft are being stored on campus, where they’ll await delivery activation.

To take advantage of the service, students will simply need to download a mobile app, and order from any of the menus listed on it. Geolocation services built into the app will allow the drones to accurately deliver food to the user.

This means students can order from anywhere on campus, at any time. Whether you need some fuel during a late-night study session at Snell Library, or just get hungry walking between classes, Husky Bone Drone can deliver.

All restaurants that accept Husky Dollars are participating.

“It’s a real game-changer,” said Nolan Williams, AF’17, one of a small handful of students selected to test a beta version of the service. “I had buffalo wings delivered to me while I was sitting in a hammock on Centennial Common the other day. The to-go box accidentally broke open and spilled buffalo sauce on me, but it was still cool.”

The information technology team within Student Innovation Services is working to correct a few bugs in the drone system before the service goes live this fall.

So, the next time you’re hungry, let Husky Bone Drone deliver.

This article is part of Northeastern’s 2017 April Fools’ Day coverage.

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