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Students’ go-to mobile apps

Yian Pan will not go for a run without Runkeeper, the popular mobile app that allows users to collect and store a range of workout data.

“It keeps track of all sorts of information like how many miles you run, your time, and your pace,” said Pan, DMSB’17. “It helps you set new goals, all of which you can share with friends.”

Pan is among several Northeastern students whom we recently asked to name their favorite mobile apps and tell us why they rank as their smartphones’ go-to digital tools. Here’s what we found:

Photo by Matthew Modonno.

Photo by Matthew Modonno.

Digital hangouts
Many students pointed to group messaging apps, such as Groupme and WhatsApp, which make it easy for users to send photos and videos to their contacts, several of whom they can text simultaneously.

“I really like Groupme because you can indicate that you received or saw someone’s message without having to respond to it directly,” said Kyle Bergman, DMSB’17.

Josh English, E’19, said nothing beats Instagram, where he chooses to get updates from friends. “I’m a photography guy, and Twitter just doesn’t do it for me,” said English, adding that he posts to Instagram a couple times a month.

Tis’ the season
For others, the time of year determines their favorite app. Oliver Baublis, E’17, said he plays fantasy football and uses an app to keep track of his teams. “Right now my favorite app and the one I’m using the most is ESPN’s Fantasy Football,” he said. “I’m a huge fantasy football fan, and that’s the site my leagues use.”


Photo via Istockphoto.

Photo via Istockphoto.

When we also polled the entire Northeastern community on Twitter and Facebook:
By far the most popular app was Waze, a community-based traffic and navigation tool.

Here are a few other go-to apps that respondents are using:

Sleep Cycle, a sleep analyzer that determines when to wake you up

Go Huskies, which provides access to Northeastern Athletics news, scores, schedules, and more

ColorNote, a notepad app

• Fancy Text Generator, which fancifies plain text

On Twitter, Ana Tarbetsky, SSH’17, wrote about Timehop, an app is billed as a “time capsule of you,” in which you can see photos and updates from particular days in history.

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