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Sound effect

On co-op this spring at a commercial art gallery in Berlin, third-year music technology major Gustavo Jiménez helped set up an exhibition by Swiss sound artist Pe Lang, whose handmade sculptures combine mechanized systems with materials that manifest a unique approach to kinetic movement.

“You could stand there looking at the work and almost be hypnotized by it,” Jiménez explained. “It wasn’t just how it was made, but there was also a certain element of physics involved that makes it susceptible to changes in sound that no human could make.”

This concept inspired Jiménez, who added, “I’d like to integrate it into my own work in the future.”

For Jiménez, the assignment exemplified his rich variety of co-op experiences with Galerie Mario Mazzoli, which showcases experimental music or sound art designed for the commercial market.

In his role, Jiménez helps artists set up installations, performs audio editing and completes other tasks around the gallery. He has had the opportunity to meet dynamic artists from around the globe, learn how to organize a professional art show and absorb a wealth of knowledge that he said would inspire his own art in the future.

Jiménez highlighted the value of the experiential-learning opportunity, noting his  firsthand look at how an art gallery operates and his improved understanding of how young artists can effectively present their work, gain exposure and navigate the art industry in a professional manner.

“The artists here are quite serious about their work,” he said. “Its been incredible to talk with artists and curators to learn about this craft while in Berlin, one of the art meccas of Europe.”

Jiménez said his professional interests lie in electronic music composition and computer-based visual arts. Not only is Berlin a hub for audio software companies, but it’s also what Jiménez, a Puerto Rico native, calls the “techno temple of Europe.” This is an added bonus because he composes his own dance music.

“All of these small details have added up to what I feel has been the perfect co-op for me,” Jiménez said. “Beforehand, I had a general idea of what I wanted to do, but coming here has solidified that.”

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