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  • Twitter and blogs are not add-ons to research

    Times Higher Education - 08/28/2014

    “The best (and most successful) academics are the ones who are so caught up in the importance of their work, so caught up with their simple passion for a subject, that they publicise it with every breath,” Professor Hitchcock says.

    He praises the early career scholars who have dismissed concerns that exposing their research too early “will either open them to ridicule, or allow someone else to ‘steal’ their ideas”.

    “In my experience, the most successful early career humanists have already started building a form of public dialogue in to their academic practice.”

    He gives examples, including Ben Schmidt, assistant professor of history at Northeastern University, whose Sapping Attention blog charts his work on using modern techniques to answer questions about 19th-century America; and Helen Rogers, reader in 19th-century studies at Liverpool John Moores University, who shares excerpts from her forthcoming book, Conviction: Stories from a Nineteenth-century Prison, on her Conviction blog.