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  • Protestors welcome buffer zone ruling, while state leaders seek action

    WBUR - 06/26/2014

    Northeastern University law professor Martha Davis, who was part of a legal team that argued a mid-1990s case before the Supreme Court in support of buffer zones in New York, predicts that Massachusetts abortion clinics will beef up security and experience more confrontations. as a result of Thursday’s ruling.

    “What I think we’re going to see is more criminal prosecutions, and the police presence is going to lend itself to that,” Davis said. “And then, in addition, the state is going to want to make a record that the criminal prosecutions and the individual policing are not sufficiently effective — and if they can create that record then they’ll be in a position to go back to the buffer zone idea.”

    Massachusetts might be able to enact a smaller buffer zone that excludes public sidewalks and rights of way, Davis said.