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  • Must Penn State Cleanse?

    Inside Higher Ed - 07/16/2012

    Though it would have seemed unthinkable before last week, the situation at Pennsylvania State University, where a respected former assistant football coach used his connections to the program to draw in the young boys whom he later raped on campus property, was even worse than anyone imagined. Worse because not only did administrators and coaches enable Jerry Sandusky’s heinous acts — leading ultimately to their own professional demise — they did so knowingly.

    “I can’t see any other action that shows that great intersection of wanting to do better — introspection, remorse, pain, leadership, humanity, empathy — in its real sense,” said Dan Lebowitz, executive director of Northeastern University’s Sport and Society program. “If they’re hoping for football to return to prominence, wouldn’t they want it also under a cleansed brand?”