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  • Be positive, optimistic to have happy life, successful career - 03/19/2014

    Are you the person who sees the cup half full or half empty?

    This has been an age old question to determine our outlook on life – one of optimism or pessimism. One might say that optimists are always positive, choosing to see the best in all situations, where pessimists are always negative, opting to see the down side in all situations. Of course, it isn’t always so clear cut where most people may go back and forth depending on the situation, the people involved as well as how high the stakes may or may not be. Think of the advantages for always having an optimistic outlook!

    Life is unpredictable, demanding and full of pressures which certainly play a big role in our ability to look at things from either a positive or negative lens. But…have we ever truly considered the disadvantages of not staying optimistic and positive in all situations, no matter how difficult and challenging?