Fake Patients, Real Stress: The Actors

December 3, 2019

Have back pain? Ever been stressed? Are you a human? You might be a better actor than you think—at least when it comes to training nurses.

In part one of this story, we explored the tech that teaches nurses how to handle the things you can’t ask someone to do, even for education’s sake—bleed, give birth, have a heart attack. For everything the tech can’t convey, like psychological breakdowns, there are patient actors.

In this episode, we talk to Jamie Musler (director of Interprofessional Medical Simulation and the Arnold S. Goldstein Simulation Labs) and Northeastern patient actors Liz Hartley and Susan Leskin.

Litmus is produced and reported by News@Northeastern reporters Emily Arntsen and Aria Bracci. This episode was written and hosted by Aria Bracci with mixing by Aria Bracci and Anthony Pulido. Edited by David Filipov.