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  • As the economy wobbles, where does that leave workers?

    Boston Globe -- 07/05/2022

    Take what happened in the first quarter of the year: Employment growth was strong but productivity fell, meaning there was less output per worker. That suggests employers were holding onto people they didn’t necessarily need, said Alan Clayton-Matthews, professor emeritus of economics at Northeastern University: “All of that’s consistent with employers saying, ‘I don’t want to lay people off because I might need them.’ “…

  • Police: Gunman fired more than 70 rounds at July 4 parade

    Associated Press -- 07/05/2022

    Since the start of the year, there have been 15 shootings where four or more people have been killed, including the Highland Park one, according to The Associated Press/USA TODAY/Northeastern University mass killing database.

  • Restrictions on Contraception Could Set Women Back Generations

    The New Yorker -- 07/01/2022

    “This is a Court that has increasingly been willing to allow the opponents of abortion to substitute their own beliefs, even if they are religious or have no basis in scientific empirical fact, as facts. They’re not seeing it as a science question. That gets you into a problem,” Wendy Parmet, the co-director of the Center for Health Policy and Law at Northeastern University, told me. …

  • Mills Becomes a Part of Northeastern

    Inside Higher Ed -- 07/01/2022

    Mills College officially becomes part of Northeastern University today. The merger was first announced last June, and it was opposed by some students and faculty at Mills. Current Mills students can graduate from Mills or transfer to Northeastern at no expense. Mills, historically a women’s college, will become “gender inclusive.”…

  • Understanding the Supreme Court EPA Greenhouse Gas Ruling

    NBC 10 -- 07/01/2022

    After the Supreme Court severely curbed the federal government’s ability to restrict greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, Northeastern University law professor Alexandra Meise explained what the ruling means.

  • Amazon and Walmart ration morning-after pill

    The Times UK -- 06/30/2022

    “The states that are trying to limit abortion from the moment of conception — not even from the moment of pregnancy, as the medical profession would define it — could well try to challenge Plan B, emergency contraception, potentially even IUDs [coil],” said Wendy Parmet, director of the centre for health policy and law at Northeastern University, Boston.

  • Explainer: What charges might Trump face for trying to overturn 2020 election?

    Reuters -- 06/30/2022

    If the committee has evidence that the people who sent the messages had a “tacit understanding” with Trump, prosecutors could use it to show there was a conspiracy to tamper with witnesses, said Daniel Medwed, a law professor at Northeastern University in Boston.

  • A season of shocking turns

    Boston Globe -- 06/30/2022

    “This is going to cost lives, nationally and in Massachusetts,” said Jack McDevitt, a professor of criminal justice at Northeastern. “If more guns are out there circulating in public places … those guns … will be used.”…

  • 3 takes on supply disruptions, drug shortage timelines from Northeastern researcher

    Becker's Hospital Revew -- 06/30/2022

    In an interview with Becker’s, Boston-based Northeastern University mechanical and industrial engineering professor Jacqueline Griffin, PhD, shared some thoughts on why drug shortages have plagued the nation for years and ways to fix the supply chain.

  • The New First Date

    The Atlantic -- 06/30/2022

    Then, around the turn of the century, as young people moved to cities and women began earning wages outside the home, it evolved to become much looser, playing out in public spaces like bars, according to Moira Weigel, an assistant professor in communication studies at Northeastern University and the author of Labor of Love: The Invention of Dating. …