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  • Northeastern University To Honor Ed Davis III, Boston Police Commissioner, At Commencement

    Huffington Post -- 05/03/2013

    Northeastern University in Boston, Mass., will honor city Police Commissioner Ed Davis III with an honorary degree at the school’s commencement ceremony Friday.

  • PreApps social marketplace builds new app buzz

    USA Today -- 05/03/2013

    When Sean Casto walks across the stage for graduation on May 3, the Northeastern business student will walk straight into a self-generated career.

  • A community news co-op, aiming to build a replicable model, moves a step closer to reality

    Neiman Journalism Lab -- 05/03/2013

    It was as incongruous a situation as I could imagine. April 19 was one of the most gripping news days we have ever experienced in Massachusetts. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the younger of the suspected marathon bombers, was in hiding. Boston and several other cities were under voluntary lockdown. And that morning I was driving north, toward Haverhill, on my way to a meeting where earnest community activists were making plans to revive local journalism.

  • Northeastern University honors first responders to Marathon bombings -- 05/03/2013

    With the aftermath of marathon bombings still hanging over Boston, Northeastern University began the city’s commencement season Friday to recognize its students’ achievements and the work of region’s first responders.

  • Oprah, Ireland’s prime minister headline list of 42 Mass. college commencement speakers

    Boston Business Journal -- 05/03/2013

    And while the intriguing lineup of speakers invited to deliver words of wisdom to graduating classes of 2013 include World Bank President Jim Yong Kim at Northeastern University this Friday and Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny at Boston College on May 20, the most controversial selection may have come from the granddaddy of all schools here.

  • April Jobs Stronger Than Expected but Recovery ‘Very, Very Slow,’ Says Prof. William Dickens

    Yahoo! Finance -- 05/03/2013

    Despite the better than expected numbers, William Dickens, professor of economics and social policy at Northeastern University, says today’s job report is basically “more of the same.” He tells The Daily Ticker, “We’ve been in a very, very slow recovery now since 2009 and what we’ve been seeing is a very, very slow decline in the unemployment rate… increases in employment that barely keep up with the growth of the population.”…

  • Northeastern Nursing Students Honored At Graduation For Helping Bombing Victims

    CBS Boston -- 05/03/2013

    Northeastern University used its graduation to celebrate the work of Boston’s first responders as well as a small group of nursing students who did not hesitate to help the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings. Among the masses of this year’s graduating class was 22-year-old Kelly Ennis. “We just kept getting patients pouring in and blood was everywhere. We just had to remain calm and work as a team,” Ennis said. Kelly was a nurse’s aid at the Brigham and Women’s emergency department and inside the trauma room as the bombing victims kept coming in. “The patients needed us and we couldn’t think about what was going on outside our walls. We put tourniquets around them and prepped them for operating room,” Ennis said.

  • Northeastern honors first-responders at commencement

    The Boston Globe -- 05/03/2013

    With the aftermath of marathon bombings still hanging over Boston, Northeastern University began the city’s commencement season Friday to recognize its students’ achievements and the work of region’s first responders. More than 20,000 students, family members, friends, faculty, and staff gathered in TD Garden Friday morning to cheer and celebrate the graduating class, but the joyous day was not without solemn reflection on recent events. “While we have much to celebrate we are joined in the shadow of tragedy. Northeastern President Joseph E. Aoun said in his opening remarks. “We are feeling a conflicting mix of emotions: joy and pain, triumph and loss. Fortunately we also draw strength from one another.” Aoun recognized the first responders, law enforcement officials, and ordinary citizens who helped at the finish line after the bombings, including Northeastern students in the Bouve College of Health Sciences originally there to offer first aid and routine assistance to marathon runners.

  • Patrick Gives Davis Honorary Degree at Northeastern

    WGBH -- 05/03/2013

    The backdrop to the day was TD Garden, where Northeastern University held its commencement. As 20,000 people clapped and roared, Gov. Deval Patrick conferred an honorary degree on Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis for his handling of the marathon bombings investigation. “Your extraordinarily united efforts made possible an investigation that moved with astonishing speed and focus, to identify the suspects, enabling millions to to feel of us to feel safer in our daily lives,” Patrick said. The Governor also paid tribute to law enforcement and first responders who sprung into action after the marathon bombings. “During the traumatic attack on our city and in the hours and days that followed, you ran toward danger, to care for the injured, comfort the bereaved, and keep our citizens safe from further harm, without regard for your personal safety,” he said. After the ceremony, Patrick continued to voice praise for law enforcement’s handling of the case.

  • A hire truth

    Financial Times -- 05/03/2013

    When my friend Nicola quit her job in educational publishing, it was for understandable reasons: one of her colleagues was a bully, her boss was providing little support and work had become miserable. (I’ve changed her name.) She had a strong CV, a husband with a steady job and young children to spend time with so she decided to resign before finding a new job. She’s now been unemployed for a year and a half. So many economies have been depressed for so long that Nicola’s predicament is common. But new and unpublished research from a young Lebanese PhD student, Rand Ghayad of Northeastern University in Boston, shows with horrible clarity what a wretched trap long-term unemployment is becoming. (April was a good month for economics students elsewhere in Massachusetts: Thomas Herndon of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, delivered a reputational kneecapping to Harvard professors Carmen Reinhart and Ken Rogoff when he discovered a spreadsheet error in their much-trumpeted paper “Growth in a Time of Debt” as part of a course assignment.) Ghayad used a computer program to generate job applications that were standardised but varied along a few parameters – whether the imaginary applicant had worked in the relevant industry, had hopped a lot between jobs, and how long the applicant had been unemployed, if at all. Ghayad mailed 4,800 of these CVs off to apply for 600 vacancies, chosen to reflect a variety of city locations, seniority and industry. He then recorded which applications were offered an interview.    …