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  • Mass. jobs cut for third straight month

    Boston Globe -- 05/20/2013

    Massachusetts employers cut jobs for the third consecutive month in April, a sign that federal spending cuts and tax increases are slowing the state’s economy and taking a toll on hiring, economists said. Employers trimmed payrolls by 1,400 jobs last month, after cutting 3,800 jobs in March and 800 in February, the Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development reported Thursday. The state unemployment rate held steady at 6.4 percent.

  • Dan Kennedy Discusses IRS, AP Controversy

    Fox 25 -- 05/20/2013…

  • Seven arrested for trespassing at Quabbin Reservoir

    Metro Boston -- 05/20/2013

    The pair of bombs that exploded along Boylston Street a month ago took not only lives and livelihoods, they also took with them a sense of security that many Bostonians once had. And now, a month after the Marathon bombings, another incident has brought into question the region’s vulnerability. Seven people were found trespassing at the Quabbin Reservoir at about 12:30 a.m. Tuesday. The reservoir is the main source of water for most Boston and the city’s surrounding communities.

  • Northeastern says smoke-free policy will encourage students, rather than punish them -- 05/20/2013

    Shortly after Northeastern University announced plans to be a smoke-free campus in the fall, school officials clarified the policy, saying that students caught smoking would not be fined or punished, but rather encouraged to quit with the help of university resources. Terry Fulmer, dean of the Bouve College of Health Sciences at Northeastern, said Tuesday in a phone interview that the university will follow a “public health model,” meaning it will provide education and support to help smokers quit. “We believe that it will be self enforced, from student to student, peer to peer, that students will remind each other that the campus is smoke-free,” Fulmer said. Northeaster plans offer groups and free nicotine patches to its community members, she said. In addition, signs indicating the campus is smoke-free will be placed on campus.

  • Northeastern’s Campus Set to Go Smoke-Free for Fall

    BostInno -- 05/20/2013

    Five months after Northeastern assembled a committee to explore the possibility of implementing a campus-wide smoke-free policy, the decision has been made to move forward with the ban. This fall, the university will join the more than 1,100 institutions across the country who have taken similar steps. “This new policy reflects Northeastern’s long-standing commitment to promoting a healthy and safe environment,” said Terry Fulmer, dean of the Bouvé College of Health Sciences, in a memo sent to the community Monday, according to news@Northeastern.

  • Top innovators in Massachusetts

    The Boston Globe -- 05/19/2013

    Marquis Cabrera, Foster Skills The deck is stacked against children in foster care. No one knows that better than Marquis Cabrera, a former foster kid who beat the odds to graduate college. Now he’s trying to help other foster children achieve life success through his nonprofit social enterprise, Foster Skills. Cabrera moved from a rough Harlem housing project to his adoptive mom’s idyllic two-story house on a cul-de-sac, but he couldn’t escape the disconnect he felt after going through the foster care system. “There are many resources and programs for foster children, but they are fragmented and often leave kids feeling powerless,” said Cabrera, 24, who believes the key to unlocking the potential of foster children is to provide practical life skills and emotional stability. The Northeastern University graduate deferred admission to law school to get Foster Skills up and running.

  • Eight Reasons High School Students Should Be On LinkedIn

    Forbes -- 05/16/2013

    Now that LinkedIn is a decade old and has 225 million members, its fastest-growing demographic –30 million and counting—is students and those who are three years or less out of college. Though LinkedIn’s user agreement says that members agree they are at least 18 years old, I am going to make a recommendation and a prediction: High school students should start LinkedIn profiles now. I predict that LinkedIn will soon drop its age threshold or eliminate it altogether. Consider that Facebook‘s threshold is 13, and the site has hundreds of thousands, if not millions of kids under 13 using it every day. Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn has no place to enter a birth date.

  • Finally, Some Objective Figures On Games Piracy

    Forbes -- 05/16/2013

    Last year, a report from the Entertainment Software Association of Canada claimed that a whopping one-fifth of computer games in the US and Canada were pirated. It was just the latest in a series of assertions from the industry that file sharing is losing them billions of dollars. Figures such as this, though, are heavily disputed – and now a group of university researchers says they’re plain wrong. “First and foremost, [peer-to-peer] P2P game piracy is extraordinarily prevalent and geographically distributed,” says Anders Drachen of Aalborg University and Northeastern University. “However, the numbers in our investigation sugget that previously reported magnitudes in game piracy are too high.”…

  • A Black Nurse, a German Soldier and an Unlikely WWII Romance

    The New York Times -- 05/16/2013

    The nurse and the soldier may never have met – and eventually married – had it not been for the American government’s mistreatment of black women during World War II. Elinor Elizabeth Powell was an African-American military nurse. Frederick Albert was a German prisoner of war. Their paths crossed in Arizona in 1944. It was a time when the Army was resisting enlisting black nurses and the relatively small number allowed entry tended to be assigned to the least desirable duties. “They decided they were going to use African-Americans but in very small numbers and in segregated locations,” said Charissa Threat, a history professor at Northeastern University who teaches race and gender studies.

  • Northeastern To Go Smoke-Free

    Boston Magazine -- 05/16/2013

    Northeastern University announced Monday that its campus will go completely smoke-free beginning fall 2013 in an effort to improve campus-wide health, making it one of the first large Boston colleges to do so. The decision came after months of research, discussion, and polling done by a 10-person committee made up of both faculty and students, and was motivated by an effort to improve overall health for smokers and non-smokers alike. Terry Fulmer, dean of the Bouvé College of Health Sciences at Northeastern and chair of the smoking policy committee, says the ruling comes down to valuing public health. “Nearly half a million people die from cigarette-related, smoke-related diseases or disorders every year,” she explains. “It’s a really crucial public health issue, and we really need to do everything we can to help, particularly young individuals, figure a smoke-free future.” Details about the exact policy—including how it will be enforced and what the consequences for those caught smoking will be, worthy questions considering the size of Northeastern’s campus and student body—have yet to be finalized, but an email sent to the student body Monday says the school is at work developing “an implementation plan that will include education efforts, and an awareness campaign around smoking cessation resources.”…