In the Media

  • Northeastern alum goes for round two on Shark Tank -- 02/11/2013

    After successfully funding and building her first company with a Shark Tank pitch, Northeastern alumna Rebecca Rescate was back on last week, trading feline potty training for a pillow that doubles as a hoodie. Her new company, Hoodie Pillow, had already racked up tens of thousands of sales before Rescate’s repeat performance on the reality show where innovators pitch their fledgling businesses to a panel of colorful investors.

  • Pope Benedict XVI to Step Down

    WGBH Boston Public Radio -- 02/11/2013

    Today Pope Benedict stunned the Catholic world with word that he will be stepping down as head of the Roman Catholic Church. He said he no longer has the physical stamina to fulfill his papal duties. Today Callie Crossley looked at Pope Benedict’s papacy with two people who have given a lot of thought to the Catholic Church  . GUESTS: Michele Dillon, Professor of Sociology  and Department Chair at the University of New Hampshire Walter Robinson, Distinguished Professor of Journalism at Northeastern University.  He oversaw the Globe Spotlight Team that broke the Sex Abuse Scandals in the Catholic Archdiocese of Boston.  …

  • Beanpot was perfect showcase for NU’s Kevin Roy

    The Boston Globe -- 02/10/2013

    It’s not as though there hadn’t been hat tricks in a Beanpot before, but few if any were like this one. Freshman Kevin Roy scored three goals against Boston University in last week’s opener from a total distance of maybe 20 feet, batting in the second and third periods as if waving a wand. “He’s always been able to do that,” testified brother Derick Roy, his Northeastern teammate who has witnessed Kevin’s magic tricks since they were playing in the basement as kids. The difference this time was that the younger sibling put on his sleight-of-hand show in his TD Garden debut against a Terrier team that had beaten the Huskies in 15 straight Beanpot games since 1988, and he put NU in a position to win the silver ovenware for the first time in a quarter-century.

  • Mass. Campus Searches For Answers To Gun Violence

    NPR -- 02/10/2013

    “This issue is complex. It’s not simple. So we need to have a thoughtful conversation about it. I think that’s what we’re trying to do,” said the criminologist, Jack McDevitt, a professor at Northeastern University.

  • At Northeastern, goals come as Pickett charges

    The Boston Globe -- 02/10/2013

    With the Women’s Beanpot championship on the line against Boston College Tuesday night, Pickett has a chance to do something only two other players have achieved in tournament history — win the MVP trophy twice. She scored the winner in overtime in the final against Boston University last year.  …

  • Aid to commissioner’s son by police officer is debated

    The Boston Globe -- 02/09/2013

    Jack Levin, a professor of criminology and sociology at Northeastern University, said the officer’s judgment ­appeared sound. “I think if he had just ­allowed the commissioner’s son to drive on, it would have been a lot worse, especially if he had had an accident,” said Levin. The officer “protected motorists; he protected the driver he stopped. The question is why didn’t; why did he not arrest him?”…

  • In rampages, it’s about revenge

    CNN -- 02/09/2013

    The dreadful shooting sprees of the past few months, which claimed dozens of innocent lives, shocked and unnerved millions of Americans. The specter of some heavily armed madman turning a theater, a temple, a mall or a school into his personal battle zone has become all too real and terrifying. The latest episode still unfolding in Southern California implicates, oddly enough, a former Los Angeles police officer, 33-year-old Christopher Jordan Dorner, who allegedly is seeking redress for perceived mistreatment by the LAPD. Dorner was a member of the department for three years before losing his badge in 2008, reportedly for lying about a fellow officer. When he was unable to win back his job, murder became, as a manifesto attributed to Dorner put it, “a necessary evil” for him to prevail in the face of racism and injustice.

  • Latina struggles when eating disorders and culture collide

    NBC Latino -- 02/09/2013

    But recent studies have found that Latinas have eating disorders and body image concerns at rates comparable to or greater than non-Latina whites. “If you look at the research literature, the perception is not well-founded,” says Deb Franko, professor of counseling & applied educational psychology and associate dean at Northeastern University. In the study, “Considering J.Lo and Ugly Betty: a qualitative examination of risk factors and prevention targets for body dissatisfaction, eating disorders, and obesity in young Latina women,” Franko and her colleagues found that the college-aged Latinas in their focus groups struggled with conflicting cultural expectations. “The messages from their families that larger bodies are beautiful are bumping against a more Caucasian white culture that promotes a thin body ideal,” Franko says.

  • All pieces come together for Northeastern as Huskies shoot for NCAAs

    Sports Illustrated -- 02/08/2013

    Northeastern University’s star senior point guard, Jonathan Lee, planned on playing at Montana State until the school pulled its scholarship offer. The Huskies’ other star guard, Texas native Joel Smith, waited around for a UTEP offer that never materialized. Northeastern’s most tantalizing prospect, sophomore Quincy Ford, is the fifth of 10 children home-schooled in his family’s St. Petersburg, Fla., living room. Northeastern coach Bill Coen has prospered by using more blue collar players than blue chips. And this current group of far-flung and unheralded Huskies has quietly emerged as one of the biggest surprises in college basketball.  …

  • US traces, tells of Whitey Bulger’s arsenal on the run

    The Boston Globe -- 02/08/2013

    Glenn Pierce, the acting ­director of the Institute for ­Security and Public Policy at Northeastern University, said that guns can easily be bought in some states from private sellers without any paper trail and that universal background checks would slow down the flow of guns to some people who should not have them. “The highly motivated, highly knowledgeable individual is more likely to beat the system even if it’s a little harder,” Pierce said. “We’re really looking at whether you can stop the less motivated individuals.”…