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  • Justices to rule in gun case with US raw from mass shootings

    Associated Press -- 05/26/2022

    Just since the court heard arguments in the case, there have been 16 shootings where four or more people were killed, according to The Associated Press/USA TODAY/Northeastern University mass killing database. Those shootings have left 94 dead, including 31 adults and children in Buffalo and Texas, and 45 injured, the database says.

  • How inequality makes climate change worse

    Boston Globe -- 05/26/2022

    Jennie Stephens, director of the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs at Northeastern University, who did not work on the study, said she was “thrilled” to see the new research. “It demonstrates how our financial systems that are concentrating wealth and power … need to be transformed as part of society’s response to climate change,” she said.

  • America’s unique, enduring gun problem, explained

    Vox -- 05/26/2022

    American guns are concentrated in a tiny minority of households: just 3 percent own about half the nation’s guns, according to a 2016 Harvard and Northeastern University study. They’re called “super owners” who have an average of 17 guns each. Gallup, using a different methodology, found that 42 percent of American households overall owned guns in 2021.

  • Texas elementary school shooting: What do we know so far?

    Associated Press -- 05/26/2022

    There have been 14 shootings that have claimed four or more victims’ lives at U.S. schools and colleges since 1999, when two students killed 12 of their peers and a teacher at Colorado’s Columbine High School in 1999. That’s according to a database compiled by The Associated Press, USA Today and Northeastern University, and to other AP reporting. These mass attacks have killed 169 people in all.

  • From Columbine to Robb, 169 dead in US mass school shootings

    Associated Press -- 05/25/2022

    If a mass shooting is defined as resulting in the death of four or more people, not including the perpetrator, 169 people have died in 14 such events connected to U.S. schools and colleges — from 1999′s Columbine High School massacre to Tuesday’s shooting in Texas. That’s according to a database compiled by The Associated Press, USA Today and Northeastern University, and to other AP reporting:…

  • The toxic emotional symbolism of guns in America

    New Statesmen -- 05/25/2022

    A 2016 study from Harvard and Northeastern University found that half of all guns in America were owned by just 3 per cent of the population. In the survey 76 per cent of respondents cited protection as their primary reason for owning a gun, up from 46 per cent in 1994. Clearly paranoia about something is increasing. …

  • Abortion Pill Lawsuit Offers Guide to Challenging State Limits

    Bloomberg -- 05/25/2022

    “The courts have generally found that the states have regulatory authority over the practice of medicine,” said Wendy Parmet, director of Northeastern University’s Center for Health Policy and Law. A state saying,”’You can only prescribe it from an in-person visit in the first six weeks of pregnancy,’ becomes a very different case than just saying, ‘You can’t sell a drug that’s on the interstate market.’”…

  • Women in homes with guns owned by others are at higher risk to die by suicide, study says

    USA Today -- 05/25/2022

    “The question that we wanted to get the answer to was how does a woman’s suicide risk change when someone that she’s living with in a gun-free home becomes a new hand gun owner?” said Dr. Matthew Miller, the lead author of the study and a professor at Northeastern University.

  • A legal history of abortion in the US, before and after Roe v. Wade

    GBH -- 05/25/2022

    Northeastern University law professor and GBH legal analyst Daniel Medwed joined GBH’s Morning Edition to take a closer look at the history of Roe v. Wade and abortion law.

  • Biden administration is flying in baby formula. Here’s why the shortage happened

    ABC News -- 05/25/2022

    “The scenario where you have a manufacturing problem that occurred at an Abbott facility in Michigan, those kinds of things happen all the time,” Nada Sanders, a professor of supply chain management at Northeastern University’s D’Amore-McKim School of Business, told ABC News. “Ultimately, we have very, very weak supply chains.”…