*Published on January 20, 2021

Dear Northeastern University community,

We’ve continued to fulfill our teaching and research mission throughout this global pandemic by doing our part to “protect the pack” and keep each other safe. Earlier this month, more than 500 Northeastern community members—including staff in the Life Sciences Testing Center, our COVID testing centers, and our first responders—received vaccinations in Phase One of Massachusetts’ vaccination plan. If you believe that you qualified for a vaccine in Phase One based on the Massachusetts guidelines and did not receive an invitation to schedule one, please contact COVID19vaccine@northeastern.edu.

We continue to receive additional doses from the state Department of Public Health and will offer them to members of our campus community as soon as they arrive. We strongly encourage all members of the community to get vaccinated—the critical next step in overcoming Covid-19.  If you work elsewhere – for example at a hospital or clinic that is offering you the vaccine – we encourage you to get vaccinated there as soon as possible. 

As we move forward, individuals with two or more co-morbid conditions, adults aged 75 and over, workers in certain sectors, adults 65 or over, and individuals with one co-morbid condition are included in Phase Two of Massachusetts’s vaccination plan. Please review the criteria in the Phase 2 COVID-19 Vaccination Attestation form to identify whether you have a qualifying health condition and to see if you qualify to receive a vaccine in Phase Two. If you do qualify and if you wish to receive the vaccine when it is available under the Phase Two program here at Northeastern, complete the attestation form.

As we enter Phase Two, those who submitted the attestation and are eligible will be contacted based on Massachusetts’ Phase 2 priorities and in the order that submissions were received.

If you have questions, we encourage you to visit Northeastern’s vaccine FAQs or to email COVID19vaccine@northeastern.edu. Each COVID-19 vaccination makes our campus community safer. Thank you for your resilience and patience through this next phase.


David Madigan
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Ken Henderson
Chancellor and Senior Vice President for Learning