*Published on August 22, 2020*
Dear Northeastern University students,

Earlier this week, Northeastern University learned of several students expressing on social media their intent to gather in large groups and to engage in parties. These plans disregard numerous government and university restrictions regarding safe distancing and social gatherings. They are not acceptable and will not be tolerated by the university.

The Office for Student Affairs has contacted the students in question to inform them of several actions we expect them to take immediately, including reading and accepting the community standards outlined in the Expectations for Return to Campus Attestationand acknowledging that they will abide by the Northeastern University Code of Student Conduct. If they do not accept these conditions, we will rescind their offers of admission to Northeastern University.

Any student who expresses plans to host or attend unsafe gatherings can expect the same response. Enrolling students may have their offer of admission rescinded. Current students can expect removal from the community, including the immediate loss of university housing. Disciplinary processes will be expedited so that Northeastern can move swiftly to protect the health and wellbeing of everyone.

Our own university standards are clear: social gatherings that do not follow healthy distancing rules put everyone’s health at risk and are strictly prohibited. Please consider these expectations—and the consequences for violating them—carefully before fall classes commence. If you learn of other students planning to hold unsafe gatherings, please urge them to consider the health and safety of our community and to change their plans. If they choose not to, you may contact the Office for Student Affairs at svcstudentaffairs@northeastern.edu to report plans of unsafe gatherings.

Northeastern expects the same simple, healthy behaviors of each person in its community—to practice healthy distancing, wear face coverings, participate in testing as required, and to comply with university policies and public health guidelines. We are confident that our community will show respect for others, care for each other, and responsible actions as we reopen our campuses.


Madeleine Estabrook
Senior Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs