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The COVID-19 Test Scheduler: Remote and In-Person for Students


*Published on September 22, 2020*

Dear Northeastern University Students,  

 As we’ve shared in previous communications, Boston-based students are required to undergo COVID-19 testing every three days. So that we can best support you, we ask that you mark yourself primarily in-person or primarily remote in the COVID-19 Test Scheduler 


When should I mark myself as primarily in-person?  

You should mark yourself as primarily in-person if any of the following apply to you:  

  • Come to the Boston campus more than one day a week, for classes or other activities
  • Are an active, full-time undergraduate student living in on-campus residence halls or living in LightView 
  • Are an active, full-time undergraduate student living off-campus in the neighborhoods surrounding the Boston campus (even if you do not regularly come to  campus)  

Please see the Testing Schedule FAQs for more information. 


When should I mark myself as primarily remote?  

You should mark yourself as primarily remote if you:  

  • Are a student affiliated with another campus in our global network. Testing is only required on the Boston campus.  
  • Are a graduate student or CPS undergraduate student who comes to the Boston campus only occasionally—one day a week or less   
  • Are studying entirely remotely from another state, country, or city and do not come to the Boston campus  

If you do come to the Boston campus for any reason, you will need to schedule a test on the day of your visit.   


How do I change my status to primarily in-person or primarily remote? 

Visit You will be able to see your status—primarily remote or primarily in-person—at the top of the page. If you need to switch, click the button and then confirm your response. Watch this short video for the step-by-step process 


Why is it important to mark my status correctly?  

We can better protect community health and safety when everyone on campus follows the testing requirements consistently. People who inaccurately mark themselves as primarily in-person may receive email reminders to schedule a test and compliance outreach if they aren’t tested regularly. 


As a reminder, even students who are primarily remote are required to complete the attestation form that outlines Northeastern’s expectations for a campus return. We encourage you to visit our Testing FAQs on the COVID-19 website to read about the testing requirements, testing process, and accessing test results. 

For COVID-19 related questions, please contact or call 617.373.7333. 


Madeleine Estabrook 

Senior Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs


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