*Published on October 2, 2020*

Dear Colleagues,

The positive test rate at the Northeastern Boston Campus is currently at 0.06 percent. While this is very low, it should not be taken for granted. As part of our efforts to remain vigilant, we will share with academic administrative leaders and their designated points of contact a weekly report of faculty and staff compliance in their respective areas, as well as the steps for managers to address non-compliance.

Faculty Testing Compliance

For faculty, college deans will assign a designee—an associate dean or department chair—to monitor compliance.

If a faculty member is identified as out of compliance, the dean designee will send an email reminding them to schedule a test. If they continue to be out of compliance, the designee will alert the dean’s office. If non-compliance continues, the college dean may pursue disciplinary action, in consultation with the Office of the Provost, up to and including suspension without pay.

Staff Testing Compliance

Each senior vice president has assigned a point of contact (POC) to monitor testing compliance for their division. If a staff member is identified as out of compliance, they will receive an email from their division’s POC reminding them to schedule a test. On a weekly basis, the POC will send a list of those staff who remain non-compliant after receiving the reminder email to each senior vice president and their respective HR business partners. If non-compliance continues, the HR business partner will help determine disciplinary action, up to and including suspension without pay or termination of employment.

We fully expect that all staff and faculty will be compliant with our testing protocol. We provide this information so that you are aware of the compliance process.

Michele Grazulis
Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Deb Franko
Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs