*Published August 28, 2020*

To All Northeastern University Students,

We look forward to welcoming many of you to campus for the start of the fall term. As you prepare to begin classes again, it is important to remember the substantial measures the university has taken to promote the well-being of the Northeastern community. This includes instituting a number of policies and protocols related to COVID-19. By now, you are aware of the required steps, including completing the attestation form that lays out the university’s expectations. We are also asking you to complete daily wellness checks, participate in frequent testing on our Boston campus, wear face coverings, and maintain healthy distancing on- and off-campus. We must all make the best decisions to keep each of us healthy and safe.

I want to be as clear as possible about the expectations in place this fall when it comes to parties and gatherings and complying with expectations:

(1) students who host an unsafe (no masks and without healthy distancing) gathering, social or party, either on or off-campus can expect suspension; 

(2) students who attend an unsafe gathering, social or party, either on or off-campus can expect suspension; and 

(3) student organizations, club sports, and teams that host an unsafe gathering, social or party can expect to have to have their university recognition withdrawn and involved students will subject to disciplinary action, including suspension and/or expulsion. 

In order to promptly and efficiently address alleged violations of COVID-19 protocols and requirements, a special COVID-19 disciplinary process has been put into place. Disciplinary processes will be expedited so that Northeastern can move swiftly to protect the health and wellbeing of everyone. For guidance on how Northeastern defines an unsafe gathering, please read these FAQs. 

The university has discretion to take any action deemed necessary in response to COVID-19 protocol violations, including suspension or expulsion, depending on the circumstances and egregiousness of the violation. Note that if you are removed from campus, you will not receive a tuition or room and board refund, if applicable.

Each of us has a responsibility to Protect the Pack with our individual actions and by creating a community of care. If you observe someone you believe is a member of the Northeastern University community not wearing a face covering or respecting physical distancing, say something! Ask them to pull up the face covering and to provide space. This simple step often prompts a respectful response to follow our community expectations.

You may report observed or planned unsafe gatherings by calling 617.373.TIPS or emailing SVCstudentaffairs@northeastern.edu. We have to work together to maintain an environment in which we can all live and learn. As innovators, Northeastern students are capable of having healthy and meaningful experiences, including building social connections, during the challenge of COVID-19. As citizens of a global University, it must be our shared responsibility to work together to maintain personal health, safety and well-being for our campus and our surrounding communities.

Our individual actions will be the determining factor in the success of our fall term and in making Northeastern as safe as we all want it to be. We are counting on you.

With Husky pride,


Madeleine Estabrook

Senior Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs