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Safe Eating and Drinking Practices on Campus


*Published on September 4, 2020*

Dear Northeastern University Community,

We want to share with you a few important health and safety guidelines for eating and drinking on Northeastern’s campuses. Because people will need to remove their masks to consume food and beverages, eating and drinking on campus will be restricted to the designated areas where healthy, six-foot distancing can be maintained.

Faculty, staff, students, and contract employees across all of our global campuses are required to observe the following guidelines around eating and drinking on campus:

  • Eating and drinking is not allowed in classrooms, in hallways, in the library, in the COVID-19 testing centers, or in teaching labs or studios.
  • Healthy distancing is especially important in eating and drinking areas. Masks may only be removed in the designated areas during eating and drinking, and a six-foot distance should be maintained at all times.

The university will be installing appropriate signage to notify the community where eating and drinking is not permitted.

For additional details on the policy, please review the policy on locations for safe eating and drinking on the university’s COVID-19 Reopening website. This guidance is in place for the duration of the fall term and will be evaluated at the end of the term to determine whether it should be modified or continue.



Ken Henderson
Chancellor and Senior Vice President for Learning


David Madigan
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs



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