*Published November 19, 2020*

Dear Northeastern students,

With the Thanksgiving break rapidly approaching, I want to reiterate Northeastern’s requirements and guidance for travel – particularly the two required forms: (1) the travel form that is to be completed before any travel, and (2) the return form required upon your return to the Boston area. It is important that both forms are submitted for any travel outside of the Boston area.

Please note that these forms are required in addition to required testing. To reduce the risk that you will spread an infection to loved ones, you should be tested and have a negative test result within 72 hours of your planned departure. Upon return to campus, all students must:

The safest option for all is to forego travel at this time. If you must travel, we strongly recommend finishing your courses and exams remotely. Your faculty will fully support you as you finish the term.



Madeleine Estabrook
Senior Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs