*Published on July, 31, 2020*

Dear Northeastern University community,  

To promote the safety of Northeastern University and our surrounding communities, Northeastern will require all of its students in Boston to undergo COVID-19 testing on arrival and to quarantine until their first negative test result.  

All Boston students, whether they live in university housing or off campus, will be tested on the first day of arrival and then again on the third and fifth days after the initial test. Immediately after the first test and until they receive a negative result, students will go into quarantine. During quarantine, students who live on campus will be able to go outside their rooms—while wearing a mask—only for picking up food, attending testing or medical appointments, or sharing hall bathrooms and showers.   

Students whose first test comes back negative will be allowed to discontinue their quarantine.  After the third test comes back negative, students will be able to fully engage in campus activities, such as attending classes in person. Students who arrive on campus within five days before the start of the semester will have to begin their first classes remotely through Hybrid NUflex, Northeastern’s newly introduced platform to integrate virtual and in-person learning and teaching. 

Details on how to schedule your test will be forthcoming close to the start of the fall term. The testing will apply to every student arriving from all states, even those exempted from the Massachusetts travel order issued by Governor Charlie Baker last week, as well as students who arrive in the United States from abroad.

As an added safety measure, only students will be allowed in the residence halls. Anyone else helping them move in will need to stay within the area where they unload their vehicles. At that point, university employees will help the students move into their rooms.  

For more information, please read the university’s announcement on Northeastern’s new quarantine guidelines and the FAQs posted on the university’s COVID-19 reopening website. Students living in university housing can expect to receive housing assignments and move-in dates and times next week. Additional FAQs on housing can be found on the reopening website.  

We look forward to welcoming our students soon and to helping them make a smooth transition into campus and classes.



David Madigan 

Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs 


Ken Henderson 

Chancellor and Senior Vice President for Learning