*Published on December 23, 2020

Dear students:

We are writing to you because you are currently registered to take part in our Intersession courses beginning next week. If you are planning to take these courses on campus—and you have interrupted your on-campus testing cadence from the fall semester—it is very important that you follow the 1, 3, 5 return testing protocol for all returning students

As a reminder, below is the return testing protocol for the spring semester, which goes into effect on January 4, 2021. For Intersession, this protocol is now in place. This means if you are taking Intersession courses, the first of your three required COVID-19 tests should be scheduled as soon as possible in anticipation of the December 28 start. You will need to make sure your status in the test scheduler is primarily in-person to begin this process.

How the 1, 3, 5 Return Testing Protocol Works

All returning, Boston-based students are required to complete tests on Days One, Three, and Five at the start of the spring term. The first COVID-19 test you schedule will prompt the start of your spring term testing cadence. You will complete your next test on Day Three and another test on Day Five before you resume the regular three-day testing cadence.  

Quarantine is required until your first negative test result. Students arriving on the Boston campus should get a test on the day of their arrival and move immediately into quarantine. Students living in university housing are permitted to go out to pick up food, get testing or medical care, or use shared hall bathrooms or showers, but must otherwise stay in their room until they receive a negative result from the test. Students living off-campus will be responsible to follow state guidance and to quarantine in their off-campus residences.

Three negative tests are required before resuming in-person classes. Once students receive their first negative test result, their quarantine is lifted. They can be out on campus with masks but are still restricted from fully resuming campus activities. Students will need to have three negative tests before attending class and fully resuming campus activities.

These requirements will help protect everyone’s safety during the winter break and as we reconvene for the spring. We urge everyone to stay safe during the break. Practice healthy distancing, minimize contact with people outside of your household, and wear a mask any time you leave your room or residence.

Thank you for your ongoing adherence to these important protocols that will help us continue to Protect the Pack.