*Published on October 2, 2020*

With the month of September now behind us, we wish to take a moment to applaud the efforts of everyone in the Northeastern community who has taken the necessary steps to keep our Boston campus as safe as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic. The vast majority of students have complied with the testing requirements that have been put in place. It is imperative that this commitment continues.

It must also be noted that a small percentage of students have either missed tests or failed to schedule tests at the required frequency. Those students have received notification from our office indicating a need to be tested as soon as possible or inform us of any situation that prevents compliance.

Students who fail to meet the testing requirements face consequences, and those overdue for testing receive a notification of non-compliance and direction to get tested. A student who does not get tested as soon as possible after being notified, will have their Husky Card disabled, and will lose access to residential housing, Snell Library, the Marino Center, dining facilities and more. Failure to get tested after losing access to these facilities will result in the student being separated from the university through suspension.

This serious approach is consistent with what is in place for our faculty and staff, and is necessary in order for our community to be a safe one during this global health crisis.

Any student who is currently noncompliant or late with testing must visit the COVID-19 Test Scheduler as soon as possible to schedule a test or change your status to Primarily Remote if you live outside of Boston and its surrounding neighborhoods and do not regularly interact with Northeastern community members.

If you have questions about the testing requirements, please email NUCovid19Qs@northeastern.edu or call 617.373.7333.


Madeleine Estabrook
Senior Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs