*Published February 18, 2021

Dear Northeastern University community,  

Earlier this week, the University announced that Boston-based University faculty and staff may now purchase take-home COVID-19 pool testing kits for their households. The kit will provide a single test result—positive or negative—for your household. I am writing to share more details on how to reserve your kit, use it, and get your test results.  

Reserving a Take-Home Testing Kit  

 To take advantage of this resource for your household, please follow the steps below:  

Household Test Results  

If you have a positive result, the entire household is required to quarantine and to have each individual take a separate COVID-19 test. Employees can receive their tests at the Huntington Testing Center in Boston.  

Health and Safety Guidelines  

Please note – if you are seeking a negative test to meet a health and safety requirement (for example, to avoid quarantine after travel or to fulfill school screening requirements), pooled testing may not be accepted. Please check with the organization to see if it requires individual test results.  

If you have specific questions, please contact NUCovid19Qs@northeastern.edu for more information. Thank you for everything you do to keep our Northeastern community safe and thriving. We hope this benefit offers you and your family members additional safety and peace of mind.  



Michele Grazulis
Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer