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Health and Safety Update – Continued Vigilance


*Published on March 19, 2021

Dear Northeastern students,  

We could not be more proud of our students as we pass the halfway mark of the spring semester and see the daily actions you take to protect our community’s safety and continue your education. We appreciate every hand washed, every face mask worn, every Daily Wellness Check, and every COVID-19 test.

As we look forward to a much more normal fall, we want to celebrate how far we’ve come and remind you once again to stay careful and be vigilant. Please remember that the health and safety protocols are still very much needed to protect our community.  

  • Testing: Since the beginning of the spring term we’ve seen, on average, 97% of students compliant with their testing requirements. Thank you for consistently showing up for your COVID-19 tests—in sun, rain, and snow.  
  • Mask wearing: You’ll see new signage and posters on the Boston campus reminding you to wear your mask. Follow CDC guidance and keep masking up, even if you’ve already had COVID-19 or if you’ve been vaccinated. 
  • Gatherings: An unsafe gathering, even in small groups, can have serious consequences—including making a group of students sick or sending people into quarantine. Given the risk to the community, Northeastern continues to take disciplinary action to respond to unsafe gatherings. At any gathering, students should wear masks and keep six feet of distance. 

Last week, the Office of the Chancellor announced new measures to give you more outlets to connect, study, and safely socialize. We continue to see positive changes ahead as we maintain our protocols as a community. For now—get tested, mask up, and keep distancing to “Protect the Pack.”  



Madeleine Estabrook
Senior Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

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