Dear Northeastern Students, 

Welcome to the first weeks of the fall term! As you settle into Hybrid NUflex classes and new routines and schedules, we’re doing the same by continuing to enhance and improve the technology and tools that you rely on, including the new dynamic scheduling tool. Many of you will be using or have questions about dynamic scheduling, a feature of the new Student Hub that helps to reduce classroom density while giving students flexibility to attend classes in person or remotely on a week-to-week basis. Here are a few FAQs on using the dynamic scheduling tool.


Does the dynamic scheduling tool work on a first-come, first-served basis like buying a concert ticket? 

That’s not how the dynamic scheduling tool works. It gives all students the same window of time to indicate their preferences, and then runs an algorithm on all of the requests after the window has closed. The algorithm considers students’ preferences and classroom availability, balancing in-person assignments for all students over time, to fairly assign in-person class sessions. 


By when do students need to choose their preferences in the tool? 

Students will be able to log into the Student Hub to change their preferences for the following week’s classes anytime between Monday at 12:00 a.m. ET and Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. ET. Students will receive weekly email reminders to do so. After Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. ET, the ability to change preferences will lock to allow the algorithm to run. 


When will finalized seat assignments for the following week be available? 

Students can check their course schedule in the Student Hub every Thursday for their finalized seat assignments.  


What if students forget to select their preferences, or miss the Wednesday deadline to select their preferences? 

If no preferences are indicated by Wednesday’s deadline, the algorithm will consider the last selected preference. For example, if a student indicates preferences for remote for their first week of classes, and misses the deadline to choose preferences for the second week of classes, the algorithm will use remote as the student’s preference when assigning seats for the second week.   


Is the dynamic scheduling tool available for all classes?  

Not all classes are eligible for dynamic scheduling. Dynamic scheduling only applies to traditional, in-person classes. Some classes, such as certain lab and studio sessions, are handled by the department and instructor. Students should check their course’s dedicated home on Canvas and communicate with their professor about how they will handle in-person class sessions. Classes that are part of a fully online program, including NU Start, are also not included in dynamic scheduling. Students will not need to select preferences for classes in which dynamic scheduling does not apply. 


How does the dynamic scheduling tool work with the required testing schedule?  

Students on our Boston campus will need to complete tests on days one, three, and five, and are only permitted to join in-person classes after those three completed tests. Students will then need to be tested every three days. If students mark themselves as preferring an in-person class session but haven’t completed their testing requirements by Saturday night, then the dynamic scheduling tool will switch their in-person class assignments to remote classes for the coming week. Please visit our FAQs on the testing schedule if you have questions about the requirements. 


Visit the dynamic scheduling webpage for other FAQs and to see a how-to video on using the tool. For additional questions and support for dynamic scheduling, the IT Service Desk is ready to help 24/7, all year long. Please reach out via the Tech Service Portal, at 617.373.HELP [4357], or at  


Cole Camplese 

Vice President for Information Technology and CIO