*Published on September 24, 2020*

Dear Northeastern University community,

Thank you for the daily actions you are taking to promote a safe and healthy start to the fall term. For our Boston community, this includes regular and repeated COVID-19 testing. To make your testing process run as smoothly as possible, here are a few key reminders on the testing process for our Boston campus. 


Do I need to schedule a COVID-19 test? 

Yes. The Cabot Testing Center does not take walk-in appointments. Please schedule your test and be ready to show your appointment confirmation to our greeters outside of the testing center. Due to an enhancement released this week, the Daily Wellness Check now shows that day’s scheduled appointment and the results of your wellness check both on the same screen.


Can I arrive for my appointment early or late, or should I reschedule? 

Arriving at your scheduled time helps our testing center keep the testing process efficient and fast. If you will be more than 15 minutes late, we ask that you cancel the appointment and re-schedule it.


Where can I access my testing results?  

Northeastern has two labs analyzing COVID-19 tests: Broad Institute and the Northeastern Life Sciences Testing Center. Depending on the line you’re assigned to at the testing center, you may get an email notification from the Broad Institute’s CareEvolve portal or LSTC’s testing portal. Read our FAQs on testing results for more info on each portal, and bookmark services.northeastern.edu/wellness so you have easy access to the links.


Other questions?  

Your question may be answered in our Testing FAQs. If you have other COVID-19 related questions, please email NUCovid19Qs@northeastern.edu or call 617.373.7333.

Whether you come to campus regularly or you’re fully remote, don’t forget to complete the attestation form that lists our expectations for the campus return. Thank you for following each of the daily, healthy actions it lists—completing your Daily Wellness Check, practicing healthy distancing, wearing your face mask, washing your hands, and wearing your Husky Card on a lanyard. We value your commitment to Protect the Pack.


Krish Krishnamoorthy
Executive Director of COVID-19 Testing